What is a microchip?


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Happy Monday CHS Supporters!

All month long we have been celebrating an amazing team here at the shelter – our animal admissions team! We’ve been talking about the importance of microchipping your pets, and today we’re here to answer all YOUR questions about microchips!

What is a microchip?

A microchip is also called an “identifying integrated circuit” – it is a small chip (about the size of a grain of rice) that will bring up a specific number when scanned by the proper type of scanner. Microchips use radio frequency identification technology to communicate with microchip scanners. The ‘chip’ of the microchip is surrounded by glass so your animal is never in contact with the actual ‘chip’.

Vet clinics, animal shelters and municipal animal control facilities usually have scanners capable of reading microchips. When the chip is scanned, the number is matched in a database to determine the owner’s contact information so the pet can be returned. (more…)

I was Lost but now i’m Found!

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Happy Animal Admissions Month, CHS Supporters!

We hope you are having a great January! At the shelter we are winding down after a busy holiday season but we are absolutely THRILLED to say that our adoption team is still going strong and placing many deserving animals into loving homes. Just a reminder though! In light of the very busy Christmas season, our adoption department is operating on modified hours for the next couple months in order to allow us to catch up on paperwork and staff training.

Well, if you are a member of our Facebook page (and if you aren’t, you should be!) you probably saw we already let the proverbial cat out of the bag… but we were so excited we couldn’t wait to share our latest development with you! We now have EVEN MORE ways to make sure stray animals get back to the homes that miss them!

This month in celebration of animal admissions month we are VERY excited to announce that we now have an area of our website where you can view stray animals that have been brought in to Calgary Humane Society! (more…)

Who ya gonna call?

Who ya gonan call blog

In 2014 our animal admissions department took in a total of 1,987 stray animals, and a huge thank you goes out to the eagle eyed public who brought them to us. But do you know what to do if you find a stray animal? In honour of animal admissions month, we’ve created an easy-to-follow flow chart to help you keep all the animals safe, by making sure they end up in the right hands.

Holiday and Winter Safety Round Up

Winter Safety Round Up

Over the past month or two we’ve brought you a LOT of content about how to keep your pet safe during the winter season and holidays. Today we’re bringing you a one-stop shop for all of the best safety info we can offer! Presenting… The CHS Winter Pet Safety Round Up!  (more…)

What’s the Best Pet for Me?

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There are lots of different types of pets to adopt! Not all are the same; the one that is great for me may not be best for you. Every person is different and every animal is different. Take time to consider which species, breed, age and energy level are best for you and your family! (more…)

Twas the night before Christmas

Twas The nIght


Twas the night before Christmas and all through CHS

The kitties were tidy… The puppies? A MESS!

The bunnies were nibbling on lettuce and hay

While the birds in the flight deck flapped and twittered away (more…)

Gary Van Meowski Advice Exclusive: Cool holiday gifts for pets (that aren’t toys or treats!)

Gary Van Meowski


Hello peoples,

The countdown is on! Only one day left to stock up on all the best holiday gifts for me.

[Editor’s note: Gary… we talked about this.]

Sigh. Fine. My peoples here at Calgary Humane Society have asked me to provide my insight into some cool holiday gifts for pets this season. Normally I’d say no, but there’s just something about the holiday season that has my heart grow three sizes, plus I saw someone hiding a distinctly catnip-scented gift yesterday, so I should probably keep myself on the good list this year. Of course, the peoples can’t make this easy, so they told me I couldn’t just list all the toys I want. Bah! Humbug. (more…)

Holiday Safety: Chocolate Edition!

Chocolate Safety



Happy holidays, CHS Supporters!

With the cold weather blowing in recently it’s starting to feel a lot more like winter. Burr. We hope you are inside and staying warm with your furry family members as you get ready to celebrate!

Each year we get many questions during the holiday season about how to keep pets safe, so this month on the blog we’ll be sharing a few of the more common or unique questions we get! If you would like to ask a question about holiday safety, connect with us on our Facebook page! Today on the blog, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about chocolate and your pets! (more…)

Tips for indoor cats this winter

tips for indoor cats

Good morning, CHS Supporters!

We hope you have been enjoying our relatively warm winter so far, but it appears the mercury is starting to drop. Burr! Time to curl up with a great book, a warm blanket and the family pet for some warm indoor evenings.

In some of our previous entries, we talked about animal safety in winter but some of you have very correctly pointed out two things: (1) Most of our advice has been about dogs and (2) The safest place for your cat this winter is indoors.

You are absolutely right on both counts! A lot of the winter safety advice we hand out is for dogs because dogs typically continue to go outside in the winter while we truly hope that everyone is keeping their felines indoors. For felines that are let outside or those who do not have homes, winter can be a very hazardous time. In fact, being allowed to roam outside is hazardous for felines at any time of the year, in addition to being against city bylaws. We have previously shared a little information on how to keep these outdoor felines safe, but we would also encourage you to bring any cats you find outside in the cold to our shelter so we can keep them safe. (more…)