Public Tips Lead to Charge in Animal Cruelty Case

Media Release – October 7, 2016

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, Nicholas Loughran of Calgary, AB was charged under the Animal Protection Act of Alberta for allowing a dog to be in distress. The female pit bull type dog, named “Takhara”, was found running at large in an Abbeydale school yard and taken to
a veterinary clinic. Calgary Humane Society Peace Officers began investigating as the dog had several concerning, large masses on her hind end which appeared to require veterinary care.

Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations stated: “What is concerning in this case, apart from the clear need for medical intervention, was that she was left to fend for herself as a stray. Despite the suffering “Takhara” endured, she had a resilient, affectionate disposition. Sadly, due to her condition and a poor prognosis, she was humanely euthanized on the recommendation of a veterinarian. We thank the public for their support in this case as their tips were fruitful toward the ultimate charge.”

Loughran appears in Provincial court on October 11, 2016.

Officer Nichols will be available today for interviews.


It is Rabbit Adoption Week at Calgary Humane Society

Calling all bun lovers! We are excited to announce that it is Rabbit Adoption Week at Calgary Humane Society! Shake your cotton tails down to the shelter and make your home a forever home for a lucky bun because it’s no fun unless you got buns, hun!

Bun puns aside, this great event was created because September 24th is International Rabbit Day and we have a lot of amazing rabbits living with us. It’s time to send these little critters home so we are happy to offer reduced adoption rates for a limited time only.

From September 19 – 25, rabbit adoptions will be offered at a “choose your own adoption fee  (no minimum – some exceptions will apply to our giant breeds). Also, receive 15% off of your online or in-store purchase of rabbit supplies from our Pet Gear Store and rabbit cages will be available for $20!

Get off your buns and show your support for International Rabbit Day!

Kittens Found Abandoned in Dumpster

September 2, 2016

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

On August 31, 2016, four kittens were found abandoned inside a sealed box in a dumpster in the alley of the 3300 block of 44 Ave SE.

Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Cruelty Investigations said, “While abandonment of cats is a fairly common offense, this case is significantly aggravated by the circumstances of the abandonment. These vulnerable kittens were not set free or left behind. They were maliciously sealed in a box and tossed in a garbage dumpster with no possible way to escape. There was clear intent to ensure these kittens did not have an opportunity to fend for themselves.”



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ResQwalk and raise funds for Calgary Humane Society


Calgary Humane Society has been approved to be a part of ResQwalk!

ResQwalk is a FREE mobile app that enables you to raise money and resources for animal welfare organizations in Canada and the United States, simply by walking. Each month they announce a ResQpool of cash and other resources that have been provided by corporate sponsors. In order to earn part of the pool for your favorite animal welfare organization, all you have to do is download the ResQwalk app, select Calgary Humane Society as your charity of choice, and start walking (or running or biking!)

Below are some of the common questions asked. If you have any others please check out their website .



How are funds divided?

At the end of the month the ResQpool is proportionally distributed to the ResQpartners based on miles/kilometers walked. For example, if a total of 1,000 km are walked in a month, and Charity A walks 800 km, and Charity B walks 200 km, then Charity A gets 80% of the ResQpool while Charity B gets 20%.


Is ResQwalk limited to walking (with a dog)?

No. You can participate in any distance-related activity, such as walking, running or biking, as long as the activity can be measured by GPS and involves a speed of less than 14 mph.  Currently, they are unable to track stationary equipment such as treadmills because you are not moving so GPS isn’t being used.


Does GPS consume the data on my phone?

No, GPS does not use data. The other app features, such as uploading a photo, do use data. If you are concerned about your data usage, please be sure to connect to Wi-Fi when uploading photos and/or interacting with features such as the News Feed and Leaderboard.





Blog PetSecure

Bringing a furry friend into your life is a hugely exciting time! Among the top thoughts on many soon-to-be pet owner’s minds are all the fun things to do and buy: pretty leashes, cool collars, a comfortable bed, a healthy diet, fun toys and tasty treats. Along with the fun also comes the responsibility of pet-ownership including finding a good veterinarian, licensing, identification and training. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the excitement and preparation, even the most organized, loving and dedicated pet owners often overlook one crucial piece of advice: the value of pet health insurance. Pet health insurance can be an invaluable way to plan for health expenses should your pet become sick or injured. Sadly, the reality of not planning for unexpected veterinary expenses means many owners each year face very difficult, and often heartbreaking, choices. (more…)

Maine Coon Cat Breeder Charged

August 10, 2016 | Calgary, AB – Immediate Release

On April 17, 2016, Calgary Humane Society Peace Officers were dispatched to an animal hoarding situation in the community of West Hillhurst. Officers, upon inspection of the home, determined all animals needed to be removed due to environmental and medical concerns. 89 Maine Coon cats were removed by Peace Officers under the Animal Protection Act authorities.

On August 8, 2016, charges were laid against cat breeder, Ruth Sogz, 57, of Calgary for permitting animals to be in distress, contrary to the Animal Protection Act of Alberta.

Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations stated; “It is uncommon to see such a volume of animals in a residential setting, even in a cattery. Over and above the environmental conditions, many of these cats were suffering from serious communicable disease. It is important that fanciers of any species know their limits concerning space, time and finances. Potential legal consequences aside, there have already been serious, irreversible consequences to the cats and the home.”

Officer Nichols will be available today for interviews.


Together Forever Thursday

Calgary Humane Society is excited to announce a new weekly adoption event!

All summer long, Thursdays will be for more than just throwbacks! Together Forever Thursday , is a weekly adoption event occurring on the adoptions floor with the hope of finding forever homes for the hundreds of homeless animals in our care. Calgary Humane Society houses over 7,700 animals who arrive at our facility per year and finding homes for these animals is no easy task. With your support, we are taking ownership of Thursday and making all about the animals!

We are offering a discounted adoption rate of 25% off for all adoption fees (excluding puppies and kittens under the age of seven months old) every Thursday for the remainder of the summer! Also, our operation hours will be extended on Thursday’s as we will remain open from 12:00PM to 8:00PM. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

Join us on social media

Tag your pet photos with the hashtag #CHSTFT to show the world how happy you are to be together forever!

Join us for a Catastic Pawty on August 27th!

Save the date:

Saturday, August 27th 2016

Calgary Humane Society Parking Lot

4455 110 Avenue SE, Calgary AB, T2C 2T7

Summer is upon us and that means we are getting closer to one of our favourite festivals of the year, the Cat-tastic Summer Pawty Adoption Event! In our 4th year of hosting this great event we are brainstorming some exciting ways to celebrate at the shelter. You can bet that there will be a lot of fun activities for the kiddies, some delicious treats and of course dozens of animals will find their at-long-last forever homes. Make sure you mark down Saturday, August 27th on your calender so you won’t miss all of the fun!

Stay tuned to or our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for more information as it becomes available. We hope to see you there!

Calgary Humane Society Near Capacity

June 28, 2016

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

Due to an overwhelming number of cats and kittens admitted to the shelter over the last few months, Calgary Humane Society is holding an emergency two-day adoption event.

“2016 has been an extremely busy year for us with 185 more cats admitted to the shelter compared to the same time period in 2015. We definitely know economy is playing a role as sadly many of the cats we are seeing have either been surrendered by their owners or simply abandoned,” said Executive Director, Carrie Fritz.

Since January 1st, 2016 Calgary Humane Society has taken in 2, 770 animals, of those 1, 690 are cats.

What: Calgary Humane Society Emergency Two-Day Adoption Event

When: Wednesday June 29 – Thursday June 30, 2016: 12:00pm. – 7:00pm.

Details: Adoption by donation only (no minimum donation).

Only cats seven months and older qualify (no kittens).

Holds on cats cannot be placed during the event.


June 2016 Emergency Cat Adoption Event


Calgary Humane Society is currently near capacity for cats and therefore calling for an Emergency Cat Adoption Event taking place Wednesday June 29th – Thursday June 30th at 4455 110 Avenue SE, with select felines available for donations (see below).

Click here to meet our adorable adoptable cats!

This is an all-hands-on-deck emergency situation as the shelter resources are being drained at an astonishing rate due to a late kitten season. We are hoping to find forever loving homes for dozens of cats during our two day adoption event. There are a number of long-term cat residents in our care so keep an eye open for the patient paw logo on our adoptions home page. Adoption by donation is available only to cats aged seven months and up but there are still young cats looking for a home so do not feel deterred about adopting a kitten. We can’t wait to see you come through the shelter to support this very important event.

Adoption by donation fees:

All cats aged 7 months and older will be available for a no minimum donation fee.

*An adoption hold cannot be placed on a potential cat adoption during this event.


Donating to Calgary Humane Society will directly assist our staff in providing the care necessary for the animals in our possession. All donations, no matter how big or small can make the difference in the life of an animal. Please donate today and be the difference for an animal.


Donate to CHS today!

Thank you for all of your support!