Losing a pet is stressful.  To increase the chances of a happy ending, the Calgary Humane Society urges you to take immediate action to recover your pet.  Any delay may significantly decrease your chances of the safe recovery of your pet.  Don’t wait a few days to see if he’ll come home, start looking right away.  We can help you through it.

Step-by-Step Checklist

  • Lost a cat come in person to the Calgary Humane Society, we do not take lost reports over the phone for cats due to the large volume of stray cats we receive and you know your pet best, your black cat may look like any other black cat we have.
  • Lost a dog call 403-723-6025, we can take a description over the phone and check our found reports; maybe your neighbour has called us already and has your dog safe inside their home.
  • Look around your neighbourhood right away, check with neighbours, the mail carrier and children playing in the area. Ask for home owners to check garages, under decks, around sheds and greenhouses etc.
  • Contact City of Calgary Animal Services at 311 as they house stray dogs and stray cats with permanent ID or have been trapped under the cat control bylaw. Their address is 2201 Portland Street SE. You can also visit their website.
  • Register your pet on PetLynx. This website offers you the ability to print off lost posters with pictures.
  • Call all vet clinics in your area, and the emergency clinics in the city - Animals Care Emergency at 403-770-1340, the Calgary North Animal Hospital at 403-277-0135, the C.A.R.E. Centre at 403-520-8387, and McKnight 24 hour at 403-457-0911 and Fish Creek at 403-873-1700.
  • Place a lost ad with:
    • The Calgary Herald 403-235-0511.
    • The Calgary Sun 403-410-1010.
    • Shaw Cable 403-716-6010.
    • Check daily found ads in both newspapers.
    • Buy/Sell websites such as www.craiglist.ca or www.kijiji.ca under “community” there is lost and found area to post a lost report and check any found reports.
    • FaceBook website YYC Pet Recovery offers a lost and found report.
    • Put up posters in your neighbourhood and deliver flyers door to door with a description of your pet.
    • Contact City of Calgary at 311 if you suspect your pet may have been hit by a car.
    • Other animal rescue organizations for you to contact include:
    • ARF 403-243-1910
    • Pound Rescue 403-938-4890
    • Heaven Can Wait 403-601-2520
    • MEOW 403-230-6033
    • Feline Rescue foundation of Alberta 403-282-5256.
    • If it's a ferret you've lost, call Ferret Rescue and Education Society at 403-567-3737.


Don't give up! We have returned lost pets to their owners after months, and even years, of separation!

Found a Pet?

So, a stray animal has decided you can rescue him and you don't know quite what to do. We can help!  A sick or injured stray should be brought to the Calgary Humane Society or to a vet clinic right away. There is no charge to you for bringing a stray to the shelter or a clinic. If you have found a mother and a litter or an orphaned litter, contact us at 403-205-4455 for advice before taking action. Do not move the litter unless they are in immediate danger.  CHS does not have a pick-up service.  Animal services can be contacted at 3-1-1 and will pick up animals within Calgary city limits. 

Found Wildlife?

 If you have found an injured or orphaned wildlife contact Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society at 403.239.2488 or for large wildlife contact Alberta Fish and Wildlife at 403-297.6423.  Do not move or approach the animal.

Locating the Owner

  • Check to see if the animal has any form of identification - city license, tattoo, rabies tag, personalized identification tag, or microchip (this requires a scanner so the animal will need to be taken into a vet clinic or our shelter).
  • Register the animal on PetLynx.  This website posts lost and found pets; the owner may have already posted a lost report.
  • Place a found ad in the newspaper (often a free service) and check the lost advertisements.
  • Post notices in the area where the animal was found with a description or photo and information about how you can be contacted.
  • Ask neighbours if they recognize the cat or dog you have found, or if they know of a household that recently lost a pet. If someone claims to be the animal's owner, insist on identification and proof of ownership before releasing him.


Bringing the Animal In

Before bringing strays to the Calgary Humane Society call ahead there may already be a record of the lost pet and you may be matched with the owners right away, saving the animal a trip to the shelter.  If there is no match, please bring the animal to the appropriate shelter.  If the dog was found within in the city limits of Calgary, you must bring him to City Animal Services at 2201 Portland Street SE.  If the dog was found outside the city limits of Calgary, bring him to our shelter at 4455 - 110 Avenue SE. Animal Admissions hours are 12:00. - 7:00 p.m. on weekdays, and 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on weekends. If you have found a stray cat, you may bring any cats with permanent ID, such as a tattoo, microchip or is wearing a city of Calgary licensing tag you can take the cat or City Animal Services. If you have found a cat with no ID or from outside the City of Calgary city limits you can bring the cat to our shelter at 4455 - 110 Avenue SE. To help serve you better we suggest you call ahead to book an appointment, 403-723-6025.

If you are unable to bring the animal to a shelter, consider bringing him to your local vet clinic. If transportation is absolutely impossible - for stray dogs and cats found within city limits contact City Animal Services 311.

Keeping the Animal

Many people who find lost pets would like to keep them. The Calgary Humane Society has a legal holding period for strays that is set by the Animal Protection Act of Alberta or a municipal bylaw. After we have held stray animals for the legal holding period, they become our property and we are able to adopt them to new families.

There is no legal holding period for individuals. In fact, if you were to simply keep a stray you've found, you are vulnerable to legal action if the owner should come forward. In order to avoid this situation, we would recommend that you bring the animal to us or have Animal Services pick the animal up and state that you would like to adopt the animal. Then, after the holding period, you would do the adoption.

This is the only way we can assure you that you have legal ownership. The same procedure applies if the animal has been abandoned. Please don't make the assumption that the pet you have found isn't being missed by a frantic family. 

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