10 Questions To Ask Before You Get A Dog!

10 dog questions


Hello CHS Supporters! We hope you are loving dog month here on the blog. October is our month to pay tribute to all things canine! If there is a topic you’d like to see covered about man’s best friend, let us know by connecting on our Facebook community page!

Today we bring you some important food for thought if you are planning to add a new furry friend to your family. Ten important questions to ask before you get a dog!

  1. What will my life look like in the future? Have you just experienced a major life change (moving, relationship beginning or ending, birth of a child, job change etc.) or are you expecting one in the next six months? If so it is probably best to hold off on the furry new addition until things have stabilized. Along the same lines, it is important to consider what your life will look like even further into the future. The puppy you adopt today will be with you for 10-15 years or even more! Planning how you will care for your pet in the future is an important thing to think about before you make the life-long commitment!

  1. How much time do I have every day? It’s no secret that dogs can demand a lot of time! Walking, playing, grooming, feeding and training are just some of the things that will regularly have you sharing your time with your canine companion. These activities are very rewarding, but if you find yourself running short on time every day you may want to reconsider adding a dog to the family. This is especially important if you work on an unpredictable schedule, like shift work. Make plans regarding how you will ensure your dog still receives meals, walks and attention on a regular schedule to reduce stress on both yourself and Fido!
  1. Can I afford it? Animals can be very expensive! High quality food, grooming appointments, pet supplies, training classes and veterinary care expenses are just some of the costs you will encounter as a pet owner. Calgary Humane Society recommends all pet owners keep an ‘emergency fund’ to cover unexpected expenses related to your pet. Looking to reduce unexpected or emergency expenses? Pet health insurance could be a good option for your family. Check out Petsecure’s website for more information on Pet Health Insurance!
  1. Am I willing to put in the training time? Dogs aren’t born knowing good manners – they need to learn! Investing time into training isn’t just about building skills though, it’s also about building a relationship with your new dog during a special time together.
  1. Do I have kids or am I planning to have kids? Many dogs are wonderful companions for children, but others may prefer older crowds. If you have children or if kids are in your future you will need to plan around that when choosing what dog to adopt. Wondering about a dog at CHS? Contact our adoptions team! Our dedicated adoptions staff members are ready to help you find the perfect pet for your family!
  1. What are you hoping for? Are you looking for a furry friend to snuggle on the couch? An exercise buddy? An agility star? Having a clear idea of what you hope to get out of your relationship with your new dog will help you narrow down your choices when considering potential adoptees!
  1. Do you already have other pets? If you have pets in the home, how will you prepare them for the new arrival? Are they likely to accept a new furry family member? When considering the dog you are planning to adopt – does that dog get along with other animals? At Calgary Humane Society we insist on dog-to-dog introductions for every dog in the household prior to adoption. This allows our staff to support you in finding the best possible match for your family!
  1. Is my house pet friendly? A new dog means pet-proofing! Unfortunately canine companions can sometimes also cause damage, particularly in a new home where they don’t know the rules yet. Many dogs never cause any property damage in a home, but just in case it is important that you pet-proof as much as possible and temporarily put away any items you fear may get damaged until you understand how your new dog behaves at home.
  1. Have I done enough research? Researching dog ownership doesn’t just stop at general canine care! Different breeds of dogs will vary in their personalities and energy levels, so plenty of research prior to committing to a new friend is essential!
  1. Am I ready to make a lifetime commitment? Adopting a dog is a commitment to that dog for its entire life. For a puppy, that could be 10-15 years or even more. Adoption decisions should never be rushed. If you need extra time to think about your adoption decision, Calgary Humane Society offers a 24-hour adoption hold on dogs in certain situations. If you would like to find out more about our adoption holds, please speak with an adoption staff member.

There you have it! 10 important questions to consider before you take the plunge and adopt a new canine family member. Have you adopted a dog from CHS? We would LOVE to hear your story! Connect with us on Facebook to share the story of your adorable adopted companion!