CHS Alum, Ash

This is our 2 year old boy Ash that we got as a kitten from the CHS. He’s a little chubby (20 lbs) and weighs just as much as one of our dogs. His absolute favorite thing is running around outside in his little pink harness. He’s a bundle of energy and we are so glad that the Humane Society gave us the opportunity to bring him into our family. Thank you for everything you guys do.

Ash’s Mom

CHS Alum, Kipper

Kipper just wants to say hello to his old friends at Calgary Humane Society and let them know he is a happy bun!! We adopted him back in October 2013 and he is the most snuggley sweetie and we love him so much! Thank you for rescuing him CHS!

Kipper’s Mom

Tom bombay tabby

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