CHS Alum, Patch

Patch joined our family in February after 217 long days of waiting. He has fit right into our family and is the friendliest, happiest dog. He loves to keep us company whenever he can, and especially loves car rides, camping, canoeing, and leading the way on hikes! We are so lucky to get to share our lives with such an awesome guy.

Patch’s Papa

CHS Alum, Cash

Just wanted to give you an update on Cash, who came home with us in September last year. He has settled in nicely at our home. He runs about 5 km everyday and has grown bigger and stronger because of it. He is so smart and everyone who meets him tells us how lucky we are to have him! And we agree and think that Cash likes having us as his people!!

Cash’s Mama

CHS Alum, Temari

Temari is one of our five budgies, all of whom we have adopted from the Humane Society. She and her brother, Shika, were found in a box in an apartment garbage room. We adore all of our little feathered friends. Thank you for letting us give them a forever home!!

Temari’s Mama

CHS Alum, Alex

We adopted her 4 years ago in December 2010. We put a lot of time, effort, and TLC into Alex. She was crazy hyper and had food aggression. She was an quick learner and loves to try new things. One of her favourite things to do I go hiking/ scrambling in the mountains! We love her to pieces and are so glad we were able to adopt her!

Alex’s Mommy

CHS Alum, Lilly

She has been with us since February 2014. She is 100% part of the family and we all adore her. In fact I wonder at times if any cat has ever been loved so much! We will be moving to a new home soon and she is looking forward to having way more room to run around in. Thank you again so much for completing our family.

Lilly’s Mommy

CHS Alum, Kobe

This is Kobe… the man that changed my life forever! On May 10, 2008 I adopted Kobe who was so scared and shy. Needless to say we needed each other… he is no longer shy, he now loves to play. Every day I fall more in love with himĀ  Thank you for all you guys do and helping me find my lil man.

Kobe’s Mom