Hello dear people.  I’m a happy-go-lucky dude who enjoys all the time I can have playing.  Then I relax contentedly for pets and head strokes.  I like to eat timothy hay, adult timothy pellets and assorted leafy greens.  I’ve been neutered too so I can safely meet any lady bunnies if you are looking for a friend for your bunny.  Did you know neuters help with litter box training?  So much easier!  Well, how about it?  Want to meet me?  Come on in then!

Learn more about Timmy and his pals by visiting the Calgary Humane Society’s Adoption Webpage



Hi everyone!

I am so excited to meet my new family! I’m a high energy, adventurous, fun-loving pooch, so my paw-fect family should definitely have experience with dogs. I LOVE playing with toys, especially balls, I could spend hours fetching them – I hope we get to spend some time playing together! I’m still a little unsure of other dogs, so off leash parks aren’t the best option for me, a fenced backyard that I could play in would be awesome though. Because of my curious and playful personality, little critters are sometimes just too tempting not to chase, and I would do better in a home with no cats or small animals. I’ve got a load of energy to burn off, so you know we’ll be going for lots of leashed walks together, which is perfect since I’m still recovering from an injury. This also means no running up and down stairs – but don’t worry, I’ll be back to my regular self in no time! I am excited to attend “Polite Pooches” with you, it will help us get to know each other better, and help me brush up on my doggy skills. If I sound like the type of girl you’ve been missing in your life, come visit me today, I’ll be waiting!

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Hello, the name is Miming. I am a regal beauty with my beautiful soft fur and bright golden eyes. I absolutely love attention and I am not afraid to demand it from you. If you are looking for a social, affectionate and calm kitty, I am your gal. I am an older girl so I am looking for a calm, loving family to live my golden years with. What do you think? Does it sound like I am the cat for you? I sure hope so! Currently I am hanging out with my foster family (HI!) so please ask my friends in adoptions about me by calling 403-205-4455 ext 6503.

Learn more about Miming and her pal’s by visiting the Calgary Humane Society’s Adoption Webpage


My Point of View: SW Discusses The True Cost Of Fostering (And It Isn’t Cheap)

My POV is a supporter submission series on the Calgary Humane blog. Each of our supporters have unique experiences at the shelter and the ‘My POV’ series is an attempt to allow people to tell their stories and give people a fresh take on animal welfare.

SW is a 50-something accounting professional who volunteers her time at the shelter as an experienced dog walker. Her clients include the big brutes, the ones who lack manners, the ones who are overly energetic or the ones who are super shy. SW also opens her home to animals in need and is a foster parent to many. Following the loss of her two beloved canines in the summer of 2013, she made her way to CHS with the intention of adopting a dog. Instead of walking out with a new doggy friend, SW left with an application to become a dog walker. Although she claims to be a dog person, we have recently talked her into fostering cats.

After having a few fosters under my belt now I have a whole new appreciation of the CHS Foster Parents – kudos to you people.

I was wondering – what does it really cost to foster?  You provide the love and care while the CHS provides all the supplies and vet care needed so what costs would you incur?

There are a few costs CHS is not able to cover however……….


Charlie’s Story: How CHS Changed One Dog’s Life

Charlie, arrived at the Calgary Humane Society (CHS) in March 2011 with a severely injured leg which had been left untreated for over two years. Because of this extreme neglect, Charlie had to have his leg amputated. Situations like this are all too common but because of fantastic support from our donors and partners, CHS was there and Charlie’s story had a happy ending.

The short film, ‘Charlie’s Story’ debut at Calgary Humane’s 2013 Cocktails for Critters gala, where he was selected as the official spokesdog for the event.


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Then & Now: Animal Health at Calgary Humane Society

Then and now story image

I joined the shelter shortly after they had hired their first full time veterinarian in the early 1990s.

Back then, the Calgary Humane Society sheltered around 13,000 animals per year.

Now, it takes in less than half that many animals, around 6,000 per year.

Back then, we were able to find homes for almost all of the dogs that were in adoption, but we were only able to find homes for about 30% of the cats.

Now, with less incoming animals and multiple other factors, there are no time limits for dogs, cats, rabbits and exotics; they are able to stay in the shelter until they find their new homes.

Back then, the Calgary Humane Society had just implemented their spay neuter policy, all animals 6 months and older would be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter.

Now, with pediatric surgeries (puppies and kittens), all animals are spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter.

Back then, there was one full time vet and two full-time animal health technicians.

Now, there are three full-time vets, four full-time animal health technicians, and three animal health assistants.


Why Your Pet Dog Barks and How to Stop It

why fido barks

We’ve all been here before: your dog won’t. Stop. Barking.

He’s barking at your neighbor out the window, he’s barking for dinner, he’s barking at the cat. You think he actually may have just barked at his own fart. You’re about to lose your mind if Fido doesn’t stop barking. Right meow.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure out why Fido is barking and some solutions to help curb it.

First up is figuring out how long Fido barks and what the cause it. Some clever detective work may be needed to get this info, especially if the barking occurs when you’re not home.

5 Tips to Reduce Barking:

  1. Understand why Fido barks and address those issues
  2. Distract Fido from barking and reinforce him when he is quiet
  3. Accommodate Fido in your home instead of leaving him outside
  4. Entertain you dog physically and mentally
  5. Consult a professional dog trainer or vet


9 Tips To Bring Your Lost Pet Home

lost petHelp! I’ve lost my pet!

If you have ever lost a pet, you are familiar with the rising sense of panic that sets in as you discover that your furry family member has wandered away from home. In the animal admissions department at Calgary Humane Society, our job is to reunite stray pets with the families that miss them.

Today on the blog, we are featuring advice on what to do if you’ve lost your pet. You may have noticed some advice in our previous posts, (here andhere) but here it is, all together, in one comprehensive guide!


Who Ya Gonna Call? The Differences Between Calgary Humane Society, Alberta SPCA and Animal Services

Calgary Humane Society is proud to be entrusted with protecting the animals in our city. It is no secret that our Protection and Investigations department is a busy team! In 2013 alone our officers responded to 1,290 phone calls and seized 314 animals from situations of cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment. In addition to calls regarding animals within the city, Calgary Humane Society also receives many calls that are outside of our geographical jurisdiction and legislated mandate. Today on the blog, we bring you the inside scoop on the differences between Calgary Humane Society, City of Calgary Animal Services and the Alberta SPCA.

Who ya gonna call

Calgary Humane Society’s Protection and Investigations Department is appointed by the Province of Alberta to enforce the Animal Protection Act of Alberta. Our mandate at CHS is to protect animals from people. This means that Calgary Humane Society responds to calls where animals are alleged to be suffering cruelty, abuse, neglect or abandonment but does not handle ‘nuisance animal’ issues like strays, barking or dog bites. Calgary Humane Society’s jurisdiction covers animals within the Calgary city limits, though we do occasionally offer support, in a non-enforcement capacity, outside of the city limits when requested by another agency. Calgary Humane Society Protection and Investigations officers may also respond to areas near Calgary after natural disasters, for example, our officers attended High River to help rescue animals trapped in homes after the flood.