Cat-tastic summer art projects for kids!

summer art projectsGood morning, CHS supporters!

Summer is officially here! That means kids will be out of school soon and looking for something to do. Today on the blog, we’re bringing you two cat-tastic summer art projects for the whole family to enjoy!  (more…)

Why does it take longer for black cats to find a home?

black cat home

Welcome once again to Adopt a Shelter Cat month here on the blog. Today on the blog we are tackling a common question for our education and adoption staff members: Why does it take longer for black cats to get adopted?


We adopt out animals of all sizes, shapes and colours. Big, small, black, white, short and tall we adopt them all, but it is true that certain characteristics do seem to impact how long an animal stays on our adoption floor. While June may mark the celebration of all things feline, the “black cat” phenomenon is not actually limited to cats – all black animals (cats, dogs, rabbits and even snakes) generally take longer to adopt out than their more colourful counterparts. So… what’s the deal? Today we’re going to try to find out… and bust a myth while we are at it!



Pupsicles to beat the heat!

beat the heat

It’s hard to believe we have already reached the end of June, but here we are! Summer is just around the corner and if your house is anything like the shelter, your animals are probably looking for some interesting ways to beat the heat (if you have any photos of your pet staying cool this summer we would love to see them – post them in the comments section of our Facebook page!).

Today on the blog, we’re bringing you a fun project for the whole family – pupsicles!  (more…)

Cool Cats: Claw edition!

colo cats claws

Hello Calgary Humane Society Supporters!

We hope you are loving this sunshine-filled cat month here on the blog! Summer marks the busiest season for cats at Calgary Humane Society so we can’t think of a better month to cast the spotlight onto our feline friends.

Today on the blog we tackle one of the most frequently asked question about feline attributes: Claws! Learn more about how cats use them and why Calgary Humane Society believes in leaving those claws firmly attached to the cat! (more…)

Cool Cats: Whiskers Edition!


Whiskers cats edition

June plays host to a lot of awesome things here at the shelter including CAT MONTH!

Today on the blog, we’re taking an up close look at one of the most curious of cat features… whiskers!

Ahh whiskers, is there anything more definitively “cat like”? Ask any child to draw a cat and you will likely see a snazzy set of whiskers adorning that feline’s nose in no time. Sure they’re cute, but have you ever stopped to wonder just what exactly a whisker is or why cats have them? If you have, you are in luck, because we did too!  (more…)

Cat-tastic Summer Pawty

Save the date:

Saturday, August 22nd 2015

Calgary Humane Society Parking Lot

4455 110 Avenue SE, Calgary AB, T2C 2T7

Summer is upon us and that means we are getting closer to one of our favourite festivals of the year, the Cat-tastic Summer Pawty Adoption Event! In our 3rd year of hosting this great event we are brainstorming some exciting ways to celebrate at the shelter. You can bet that there will be a lot of fun activities for the kiddies, some delicious treats and of course dozens of animals will find their at-long-last forever homes. Make sure you mark down Saturday, August 22nd on your calender so you won’t miss all of the fun!

Stay tuned to or our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for more information as it becomes available. We hope to see you there!

A Foster Parent Emergency : Rosie’s Story

Rosie's Story-w

A year has passed since that crazy day in May with Rosie and her babies. I often think about her and her kittens and wonder how they are all doing. What homes were they adopted into, how do the kittens look now, and who got lucky enough to adopt Rosie?

Having already fostered a pregnant mother, we felt fairly confident in fostering another one and eagerly perused the foster list for a suitable candidate.  We picked up Rosie, who was all fluffy and friendly and heavily rounded, when she arrived in our foster room.  She was a sweet little feline who seemed just barely more than a kitten herself.

Our first mother cat had had her babies while we were sleeping, which meant we missed the whole event (it was over in 5 hours with almost no mess and 5 lovely little kittens), so I selfishly hoped that I would get to see at least some of this delivery! (A foster mother can hope, can’t she?) Little did I realize that I would most definitely see part of Rosie’s delivery and it would end up being a rather desperate event.

But wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me rewind a bit. (more…)

Hank’s Story

Hank's Story

With anticipation I opened up the email containing that week’s list of critters needing foster care. Many furry faces stared back at me from the list – one in particular, a beat up tank of a stray tomcat named “Hank.” I sent in my requests with my usual ending note – “whoever needs me the most.” I was hoping that Hank needed me the most.  The Foster Coordinator’s reply was “I’d be happy to send you home with Hank.” I was ecstatic – but then the doubts started. He was a rough, unneutered stray cat. What was I in for with this one? I pushed aside my fears and went to get the boy who needed me. (more…)

Stella’s Apology

Stella's Appology



Hello, Calgary Humane Society Supporters,

Stella here, and I have an update for you.

I have officially divested myself of my coach, Mr. Gary Van Meowski.

I will still be participating in Catwalk 2015, but Mr. Van Meowski is no longer a member of team Stella. This was a difficult decision, and all of us on team Stella wish Mr. Van Meowski the best in his future endeavours.

Over the past few days some evidence has come to light regarding Mr. Van Meowski’s motives for participating in Catwalk 2015 and they are not congruent with the values of team Stella. We also had brought to our attention that Mr. Van Meowski has engaged in some activities that were hurtful to our Dog Jog compatriots. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by team Stella.

As the leader of team Stella, I joined the Catwalk 2015 campaign to make a difference for animals in need at Calgary Humane Society. As a former resident of Calgary Humane Society, I know first hand the hope they give to animals who otherwise would not get a second chance. It was because of the wonderful staff and supporters of CHS that I was able to find my new home, and my only wish is that other animals receive the same benefits.

On behalf of everyone from team Stella, I wanted to extend my heartfelt apologies and regrets for Mr. Van Meowski’s behavior. While we were unaware of his plans, he was nonetheless a part of our team at the time of the incident. We will continue to work to make amends with our friends on team Rufus before the big event starts.

We look forward to seeing you all at Catwalk 2015 (better known as Dog Jog 2015) today.



If you are interested in donating to help everyday animals like Stella click HERE.








Rufus Says “Dog Jog is for Dogs!”


From the desk of Rufus

June 11, 2015

Dearest Calgary Humane Society Supporters,

Late in the day on June 10, 2015, Team Rufus was alerted that one Mr. Gary Van Meowski engaged in the spreading of false information related to our upcoming Dog Jog event.

Those of us on Team Rufus would like to respond to this by letting all of our faithful supporters know that at no point has the renaming of Dog Jog 2015 been discussed. At this time, the name of Dog Jog and the role of Spokesdogs within the event are secure.

Calgary Humane Society notes that Dog Jog has a special historical significance for the organization. Having evolved out of the “Great Calgary Pet Party”, Dog Jog has been a signature event for Calgary Humane Society for more than a decade. Today, Dog Jog is one of the most significant fundraising events at Calgary Humane Society, bringing people and pets together to create second chances and brighter futures for Calgary’s animals in need.

Again, we would like to reiterate to all of our generous supporters that Dog Jog 2015 is a GO for this Sunday, June 14th, 2015 at South Glenmore Park. We look forward to seeing all of our incredible teammates on the big day for some fun, festivities and fundraising.


Your official Calgary Humane Society Dog Jog 2015 Spokesdog,



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