Is your dog social?

How social is your dog 2


Not all dogs like to play.

To some people, that sentence is a complete shock.

What do you mean not all dogs like to play? How is that even possible?

Trust us, it’s definitely possible. (more…)

7 fun exercise ideas for your dog

7 fun exercises for your dog_W


Walking your dog is SO last year. Just kidding. It’s not. Walking your dog is very important to its health and happiness and still very much on trend.

But we have some other suggestions when it comes to exercising your dog. You’ll find these especially helpful when its -30 or +30 outside and Fido needs some exercise.  (more…)

Learn to “speak dog” by understanding canine calming signals




Calming signals – is this a term you’ve heard of before? A relatively common phrase in the dog and animal welfare world, calming signals are a means of communication used by dogs. They even use these signals to attempt to calm us. Unfortunately, humans can easily misunderstand what dogs are trying to tell us.

Once you begin to observe these signals, you will never looks at your dog the same way! (more…)

Why does fido bark?



We’ve all been here before: your dog won’t. Stop. Barking. He’s barking at your neighbor out the window, he’s barking for dinner, he’s barking at the cat. You think he actually may have just barked at his own fart. You’re about to lose your mind if Fido doesn’t stop barking.

But don’t worry, we’re got some tips to help you figure out why Fido is barking and some solutions to help curb it.

First up is figuring out how long Fido barks and what the cause it. Some clever detective work may be needed to get this info, especially if the barking occurs when you’re not home.  (more…)