What’s the Best Pet for Me?

best pet


There are lots of different types of pets to adopt! Not all are the same; the one that is great for me may not be best for you. Every person is different and every animal is different. Take time to consider which species, breed, age and energy level are best for you and your family! (more…)

Twas the night before Christmas

Twas The nIght


Twas the night before Christmas and all through CHS

The kitties were tidy… The puppies? A MESS!

The bunnies were nibbling on lettuce and hay

While the birds in the flight deck flapped and twittered away (more…)

Gary Van Meowski Advice Exclusive: Cool holiday gifts for pets (that aren’t toys or treats!)

Gary Van Meowski


Hello peoples,

The countdown is on! Only one day left to stock up on all the best holiday gifts for me.

[Editor’s note: Gary… we talked about this.]

Sigh. Fine. My peoples here at Calgary Humane Society have asked me to provide my insight into some cool holiday gifts for pets this season. Normally I’d say no, but there’s just something about the holiday season that has my heart grow three sizes, plus I saw someone hiding a distinctly catnip-scented gift yesterday, so I should probably keep myself on the good list this year. Of course, the peoples can’t make this easy, so they told me I couldn’t just list all the toys I want. Bah! Humbug. (more…)

Holiday Safety: Chocolate Edition!

Chocolate Safety



Happy holidays, CHS Supporters!

With the cold weather blowing in recently it’s starting to feel a lot more like winter. Burr. We hope you are inside and staying warm with your furry family members as you get ready to celebrate!

Each year we get many questions during the holiday season about how to keep pets safe, so this month on the blog we’ll be sharing a few of the more common or unique questions we get! If you would like to ask a question about holiday safety, connect with us on our Facebook page! Today on the blog, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about chocolate and your pets! (more…)

Tips for indoor cats this winter

tips for indoor cats

Good morning, CHS Supporters!

We hope you have been enjoying our relatively warm winter so far, but it appears the mercury is starting to drop. Burr! Time to curl up with a great book, a warm blanket and the family pet for some warm indoor evenings.

In some of our previous entries, we talked about animal safety in winter but some of you have very correctly pointed out two things: (1) Most of our advice has been about dogs and (2) The safest place for your cat this winter is indoors.

You are absolutely right on both counts! A lot of the winter safety advice we hand out is for dogs because dogs typically continue to go outside in the winter while we truly hope that everyone is keeping their felines indoors. For felines that are let outside or those who do not have homes, winter can be a very hazardous time. In fact, being allowed to roam outside is hazardous for felines at any time of the year, in addition to being against city bylaws. We have previously shared a little information on how to keep these outdoor felines safe, but we would also encourage you to bring any cats you find outside in the cold to our shelter so we can keep them safe. (more…)

Holiday Safety: Present edition!

Holiday Safety

Hello CHS Supporters! Welcome to December on the blog! This is the month where we celebrate all things holiday! WOOHOO! Today, we’re bringing you some important information on keeping the holidays safe for everyone. If you plan to wrap up some gifts for under the tree, keep reading!

Shiny paper, bright bows and rainbow ribbons. Everyone loves presents, even the family pet. Unfortunately, curious paws and snoopy noses can sometimes get in a bit of trouble when presents are left unattended. Here are some common holiday hazards to consider when wrapping goodies this holiday season: (more…)

Stuff-a-Pooch Pad is a huge success! Online fundraiser ends December 31.

Stuff-A-Pooch Pad is being called a huge success!

With your help, Calgary, we were able to fill two pooch pads well past half-way (we had to separate the items to make sorting easier). If we were to combine the two collections, we Stuffed-a-Pooch pad far beyond the height of the ceiling! To all of our “Secret Santa’s” out there, we would like to thank you on behalf of the furry friends in our care who will be having an extra special Christmas morning all thanks to you!

Here are some highlights from the un-stuffing:

  • 163 Bags of cat treats
  • 130 Bags of dog treats
  • 47 Bags of liver treats
  • 22 Lint Rollers
  • 160 new blankets
  • 3 jars of Cheeze Wiz
  • 19 boxes of dryer sheets
  • 14 bottles of laundry detergent
  • 320 cans of wet dog food
  • 580 cans of wet cat food
  • 34 beds
  • 2010 poop bags
  • Lots of bags of dry cat and dog food


Our online Stuff-A-Pooch Pad fundraiser is running until midnight Thursday December 31st! We are very close to our goal of $1500.00! Make your donation today to beat the 2015 tax year!


Thank you again for all of your love and support! We can’t do the work we do for the animals without your help.



333 Exotic Animals Seized, Calgary Humane Society Asks Public for Help

December 3rd, 2015

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

On Wednesday December 2, 2015, Calgary Humane Society’s Protection and Investigations department executed a mass seizure of 333 exotic animals in NE Calgary.

Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations stated; “This is one of the largest and most complex seizures we have executed in our history. As a result we are now caring for many reptiles and amphibians which have very specific needs regarding food, lighting, heating and enclosures. There is a long road ahead as far as evidence collection, but it is fair to say charges are pending.”

The 333 exotic animals include various species of snakes, lizards, amphibians, invertebrates, and arachnids.

With the abnormal size and scope of this seizure, shelter resources are stretched thin and Calgary Humane Society is appealing to the public for help in the form of donations and supplies. Clean reptile enclosures, equipment and monetary donations can be dropped off at Calgary Humane Society (4455 110 Ave SE). For a full list of needed items and to make an online donation please visit www.calgaryhumane.ca



Senior Owners and their Pets

Senior Owners and their pets

Happy senior pet month, CHS supporters!

As November comes to a close, we wanted to bring you one more entry on senior pet month that isn’t talked about often, but is still very important: How to plan for pets when the owner is a senior.

We have been talking about senior pets all month on the blog, and we hope you’ve gotten a lot of good information. Today; however, we thought it would be important to talk about how we can plan for pets when the owners are seniors/older adults.

Pets can be a WONDERFUL addition to an older adult’s life. Pets provide companionship, exercise, routine and, in some cases, social connections. Older adults with pets often report a greater quality of life due to these benefits and at Calgary Humane Society we LOVE hearing about amazing relationships between senior pets and senior owners. (more…)