It is Rabbit Adoption Week at Calgary Humane Society

Calling all bun lovers! We are excited to announce that it is Rabbit Adoption Week at Calgary Humane Society! Shake your cotton tails down to the shelter and make your home a forever home for a lucky bun because it’s no fun unless you got buns, hun!

Bun puns aside, this great event was created because September 24th is International Rabbit Day and we have a lot of amazing rabbits living with us. It’s time to send these little critters home so we are happy to offer reduced adoption rates for a limited time only.

From September 19 – 25, rabbit adoptions will be offered at a “choose your own adoption fee  (no minimum – some exceptions will apply to our giant breeds). Also, receive 15% off of your online or in-store purchase of rabbit supplies from our Pet Gear Store and rabbit cages will be available for $20!

Get off your buns and show your support for International Rabbit Day!

Kittens Found Abandoned in Dumpster

September 2, 2016

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

On August 31, 2016, four kittens were found abandoned inside a sealed box in a dumpster in the alley of the 3300 block of 44 Ave SE.

Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Cruelty Investigations said, “While abandonment of cats is a fairly common offense, this case is significantly aggravated by the circumstances of the abandonment. These vulnerable kittens were not set free or left behind. They were maliciously sealed in a box and tossed in a garbage dumpster with no possible way to escape. There was clear intent to ensure these kittens did not have an opportunity to fend for themselves.”



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