Nine Things You Need to Bring to Dog Jog on Saturday

Hello Dog Jog Fans!

DOG JOG is just around the corner! We hope you are all getting excited to join us for a day of fun and fundraising with your best two and four-legged friends! If you are looking for tips on how to kick your fundraising into high gear for these next two weeks check out our fundraising blog HERE.

Today on the blog, we are getting ready for the big day! Here is a list of some important “don’t forget” items (and a few things not to bring) to make Dog Jog more fun for you and your pet!


7 indoor activities to do with your pet

Here are a few fun family activities that you can do with your pet when it is too cold or rainy to play outside!

1. Mealtime Hide and Seek!

Instead of feeding your pet one big helping in a bowl, split the meal up into a several small portions. Have one family member distract your pet with some attention while the rest of you find clever places to “hide” your pet’s dinner. Make sure that all the places you choose can be accessed by your pet! We want the game to be fair and fun, not frustrating! The first time you play, choose very easy places that are near to your pet’s bowl and gradually make the game harder as your pet learns your tricks!



So you’ve registered for Dog Jog, now what?

So you’ve registered for Dog Jog, now what? Your Dog Jog fundraising helps us take care of thousands of animals every year! How can you help you ask? We’ve got some tips to kick your fundraising into high gear and get you started on the right paw for our Dog Jog adventure!


1. Personalize your Dog Jog page!

Every single person or family who registers for Dog Jog gets a fundraising page! Add text and a photo to tell everyone what your goal is! If you are part of a team you could even add a team photo to your page.