Top 8 ways to have a record amount of FUN at this year’s Dog Jog!

Dog Jog 2017 planning is in high gear! Last year you may remember we gathered together a record number of dogs wearing bandanas? Well this year we are out to have a record amount of FUN! Interested in joining us? Here are 8 ways that you can help bring the fun to Dog Jog 2017!


1. Register as a team with family, friends or co-workers!

Not only do you get to spend some quality time together, you will be joining forces to create a world with no animal cruelty, abuse, neglect or abandonment! Super hero team names are optional but highly encouraged!


2. Don some fancy duds to make a statement!

Create a custom t-shirt or wear your favorite pieces of flair to share your personality (or a story about why you are participating in Dog Jog) with other Dog Jog attendees!


3. Enjoy some festival foods!

We will have Calgary’s finest food trucks on site and serving up delicious snacks all day long!


4. Bounce around the Kids Zone!

Bouncy castles, face painting and other fun activities will be on site all day for young Dog Jog fans!


5. Socialize your best friend!

Join hundreds of fellow pet owners and Fidos for a day of fun and socialization. Looking to brush up on your leash skills before the big event? Give our behaviour department a call at 403-723-6019 to find out what options are available!


6. Make some time for the Mutt n’ Mingle!

New this year to Dog Jog we will be adding a beer garden where you and your fellow dog lovers can enjoy a frosty beverage.


7. Check out the wonderful world of Dog Sports!

Do you have an active canine? Stop by and talk to some of our behaviour staff at the agilty demonstration area to find out how you and your dog can get involved!


8. Change the world for animals in need!

No matter how you participate in Dog Jog, you will be helping to create a better future for the thousands of animals helped by Calgary Humane Society each year… and changing the world sounds like a pretty great way to spend the day!


Visit our website HERE to register for Dog Jog 2017, we look forward to spending June 3rd with you all!


7 indoor activities to do with your pet

Here are a few fun family activities that you can do with your pet when it is too cold or rainy to play outside!

1. Mealtime Hide and Seek! 

Instead of feeding your pet one big helping in a bowl, split the meal up into a several small portions. Have one family member distract your pet with some attention while the rest of you find clever places to “hide” your pet’s dinner. Make sure that all the places you choose can be accessed by your pet! We want the game to be fair and fun, not frustrating! The first time you play, choose very easy places that are near to your pet’s bowl and gradually make the game harder as your pet learns your tricks!



So you’ve registered for Dog Jog, now what?

Dog Jog
So you’ve registered for Dog Jog, now what? Your Dog Jog fundraising helps us take care of thousands of animals every year! How can you help you ask? We’ve got some tips to kick your fundraising into high gear and get you started on the right paw for our Dog Jog adventure!


1. Personalize your Dog Jog page!

Every single person or family who registers for Dog Jog gets a fundraising page! Add text and a photo to tell everyone what your goal is! If you are part of a team you could even add a team photo to your page.


2. Tell your story.

Write a personal appeal to all of your friends and family telling them why you are participating in this event and raising funds to help out homeless animals. Ask them to join your team or make a donation in support of you that will help animals in need.


3. Try out the donation button!

Consider making a donation to yourself to start things off. Even a small amount can create a BIG change!


4. Compete!

Is there more than one Dog Jog team in your company, school or neighbourhood? Inspire everyone’s competitive spirit by setting up a challenge of some kind, or an incentive for the team with the most members or highest fundraising total.


5. Ask for support from your employer.

Ask your employer to match what you raise. In addition, individual gifts made by your supporters may be eligible for matching funds from their employers please remind them to find out about their company’s matching gift policy.


6. Use social media.

Place regular updates about your progress on your Facebook or other social networking pages. Encourage people to support your efforts by making a donation in your honour.


7. Promote, promote, promote!

Send out emails to friends and family through your personal Dog Jog page! Challenge friends and family members to sign up for Dog Jog or ask them to make a contribution toward your fundraising goal.


Visit our website HERE to register for Dog Jog 2017, we look forward to spending June 3rd with you all!