Create a Pet Resume to Help Secure Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Finding pet-friendly accommodation or convincing a landlord to allow you to rent a place with your pets can be extremely difficult. You know that your pets are well behaved and that you’re a responsible owner, but you’ll need to convince the property owner of this before they will rent to you.

You can create a resume for your pet that will help any potential landlord get to know them.

A pet resume is especially important if you have a dog, but it wouldn’t hurt to have one for your cat or critter too, just in case. A solid pet resume could be the difference between getting the apartment or house of your dreams and missing out!


Be sure to include:

  1. A physical description of your pet, including their weight. Some condo boards, for example, have weight restrictions on pets. It is not a good idea to underestimate your pet’s weight. It could cause trouble down the road if you find yourself in a lease for accommodation that won’t allow your pet.
  2. Vet records. Include information on deworming treatments and vaccinations, whether your pet is spayed/neutered, and anything else that may be relevant to your new landlord.
  3. Behaviour class certificates. If your dog has taken any training classes, be sure to add these to their resume. A well-behaved dog is very appealing to a pet-friendly landlord!
  4. References from a dog walker, kennel, daycare, or pet sitter. Just like you might need references for a place you’re planning to rent, having references for your pet will give your potential landlord a better understanding of your animal’s personality and behaviour.
  5. References from a previous landlord who has rented accommodation to you and your pet.

If you have a dog, try to bring your pet with you to view any potential accommodation. Check with the landlord that this is okay before arriving! You can also include a line on your pet’s resume that they are available for “interviews” at the landlord’s convenience.

Download our Pet Resume Template for Microsoft Word to create your own pet resume.

My Pet is a jerk: Scratching Edition

Every cat owners knows that dreaded sound.

You’ve just settled down in front of the television or opened a great book when you hear it – the sound of your cat scratching the carpet or the furniture.  Problem scratching is one of those most common behaviour helpline calls received at the shelter, so today we are giving you some information about why cats scratch and what you can do to save your sofa!




“I wanted to share an update on my rescue kitty Mindy. She’s a CHS alumni we adopted in 2007 (we were told at the time she was 3 years old). Mindy is the most lovely and affectionate cat, not just to her family but anyone she meets. She loves children in particular, and where most cats would run and hide she will gladly jump up on the couch when my two boys have a group of friends over and go from lap to lap while they play video games. Mindy is such a joy and we really hope her story will encourage more people to adopt adult kitties – they can integrate into a family and be just a loving and devoted as a kitty brought up from kitten hood.”