5 Signs that Fido could be suffering from seasonal allergies

It’s that time of year again when seasonal allergies are running rampant, and allergies among dogs are more common than you might think. Here are some signs that your pooch might be affected:

Red, irritated Skin

Unlike humans whose allergy symptoms often involve respiratory problems, dogs will frequently show signs of allergies through their skin. These can take on the form of skin irritation, rashes, or inflammation.

Chronic licking

Excessive licking is another common sign of allergies, especially if your pooch is licking his paws more frequently than usual.

Smelly ears or chronic ear infections

Ear infections around allergy season are a huge sign that your furry friend could have environmental allergies. Signs of infection can include a foul smell or a yeasty, build up in the ears.

Excessive chewing or scratching

Allergies can often cause dogs to chew or scratch excessively, especially in irritated spots on their skin or paws.

Changes in behaviour

Many of these symptoms can cause your pet to become more irritable, and if your fun loving pooch doesn’t quite seem like his usual self then a trip to your vet is in order.


Allergies can be frustrating, and they can affect every animal differently. Here at Calgary Humane Society we always recommend consulting your veterinarian if you suspect your pooch might be suffering, as symptoms can differ from dog to dog and therefore treatment needs to be individualized to your dog’s specific needs.