5 tips to get Fido used to winter clothing


Jackets and boots can be a great way to keep your pooch warm while on walks this winter, but not every dog is ready to pull off the look right away. Our Behaviour team gave us some great tips on getting Fido used to his new winter duds. 

1) Use high value treats: get yummy treats your pup can’t resist to make dressing in warm gear an enjoyable experience

2) Go slow: a slow introduction to new clothing items is best and less stressful. Let Fido get used to the sight and smell of the clothing for a few days before even putting them on.

3) Start with a snack: place treats on the jacket or boots, and let Fido eat them off of the item of clothing

4) Keep snacking: feed your pooch treats while they smell and touch the jacket or boots with their nose. You want them to associate their winter clothing with yummy snacks and positive touches.

5) Try it on: let Fido wear his new jacket around the house for a few minutes at a time. If your dog is showing signs of stress take the clothing off and try again later.

Remember: go slow, and make it a positive experience with lots of yummy treats!