A different way to Party with a Purpose


We are living through history, but we know that animals need our help! While our world slowed down, many animals have still come into our care, and with that…need healthy nourishment and food. Party With a Purpose was created to raise funds to support this need. What you can do to help? Host a fundraiser of sorts, donate funds and create awareness…and have a ton of fun knowing you are caring for animals that need you! Start planning your Party With a Purpose now!


Need some ideas? We have a few that can be done while ensuring the health of your loved ones!


Movie night – host in your basement with your family, or up to 50 people. Ask everyone there to donate the cost of a movie ticket to your fundraising page, and maybe you can even charge $1 for popcorn. Want to invite more people? Perhaps a Drive-In Theatre? Or host in your backyard with a projector!

Games night – Make it a smaller indoor tournament, or open it up to the families on the block for a big game of Hide and Seek. Ask for donations as a ‘registration’ fee. Make sure people are keeping their distance and have hand sanitizer readily available!

Wine tasting – Make your backyard a winery! Invite over your friends over for an outside, YYC experience. If everyone brings a bottle of wine and $20….each person can use their own cup and try them out…while the funds go to the animals!

Birthday party – In lieu of gifts this year, you could ask friends and family to donate to your Party with a Purpose fundraising page!

Lemonade stand – The kids want to get involved too. Set up a clean/socially distant stand for your neighbours (and make sure to send in your pictures to Calgary Humane Society…so cute)

Murder mystery party – Give this one a go over Zoom, or one of the other apps we have all been using to hang out. Make it a fun dress up party!

Garage sale – Donate a portion of your purging sales to dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and more!

Tailgate party – Some of us used the Tailgate method during the height of the pandemic, staying in our cars in a parking lot to chat with our friends from a 6 ft distance. Consider doing this again, but with a twist for the animals!

Craft night – Host a craft with a few friends together, or teach a craft over Zoom to many!

Karaoke party – Same, same. But different. Have your viewing party for your skills online!

Corporate lunch – Since you likely can’t share a meal with your coworkers, why not have a Zoom lunch hour to catch up with everyone, and share why you’re wanting to give back to the animals this way!

Menu item – Ask your favourite restaurant that you order wings from to donate proceeds from a certain menu item for the day/week/month to Calgary Humane Society

Tea party – Neighbourhood Tea Party from all your front lawns

Ice cream social – Get a few big tubs, wear gloves and masks, encourage hand sanitization and six feet of distance…and sell off scoops for pooches!

Hold a Bottle Drive – Ask your friends and family to gather all of their recyclable bottles and drop them off at your house. Once you’ve taken them to the bottle depot, you can donate your earnings to Calgary Humane Society as part of Party with a Purpose. Alternatively, ask your friends to take their own bottles in – even less work for you! – and contribute their bottle money on your Party with a Purpose web page.

Complete a Challenge – Do you love running or riding your bike? Set yourself a new challenge and ask friends to pledge money based on your distance or for completion of your challenge

Walk a Dog – Invite friends and family members to donate to your Party with a Purpose in exchange for taking their dog for a walk

Give Something Up or Start Something New – Party with a Purpose is now a month-long event, so it’s the perfect length of time to commit to getting rid of an old habit or starting a new one. Want to give up chocolate or pop? Encourage yourself to workout five days per week? Ask your friends and family to join you with their own commitment, and donate a dollar or two for each successful day. At the end of the month, you’ll not only have kicked/created a habit but also helped the animals as well!

And a few more ideas to get creative with:

Pool party

Costume party

Bridal shower

Family reunion


Cookie decorating party

Live music performance

Hiking Trip


Fitness class

Neighbourhood car show

Baby shower

Pet fashion show

Cocktail hour

Beer tasting

TV show viewing party

Pizza party

Have another great idea for a party? We’d love to hear about it on your personal fundraising page for Party With a Purpose.

Our community and supporters have graciously shared about their experiences hosting a Party With a Purpose:

Calgary Humane Society Alumni Party with a Purpose Update: Sam

“I hosted a party in 2018 (a brunch that raised $410) and 2019 (taco party that raised $405). It was a lot of fun, and easy to do! It was a great excuse to hang out with friends and support a good cause at the same time. Everyone loves tacos! They’re easy to veganize for a crowd too.” Sam’s efforts provided 12 dogs and 4 cats food for their stay at the Calgary Humane Society

Calgary Humane Society Alumni Party With a Purpose Update: Cheryl

“I hosted a housewarming party in support of Party with a Purpose in 2019. I wanted to give back to Calgary Humane Society, and this was a fun and easy way to do it! I raised over $745 to feed the animals!” Cheryl’s funds we able to support 22 dogs and 10 cats for their average stay at Calgary Humane Society!

Join us for Party With a Purpose this August and invite your friends to support your efforts! Don’t forget to take pictures at your campaign and share them on social media! Tag @calgaryhumane so we can see them!