We Belong Together: Adopt a Dynamic Duo

With today being the most romantic day of the year, we thought we should share a few love stories of our own. Occasionally at the shelter we would receive a bonded pair. This happens when two animals find themselves in an inseparable bond and love each other so much that they need to be adopted into the same home together. Bonded pairs provide each other comfort, companionship and confidence. If a bonded pair were to be separated they may react with anxiety.

Adopting a bonded pair often doesn’t mean twice the work. Sure, it might mean two food and water bowls or twice the litter changes, but often times a bonded pair means less work for an owner because the pair of animals entertain each other and prevent separation anxiety. Have a look at three bonded pairs that we have in the shelter today:


Meet Arwin & Kashka


Kashka (female) is very affectionate, but only on her terms. Arwin (female) is a sweetheart and loves attention. Both are seniors and patient paws.


Meet Love & Miracle


Love (male) is super sweet and super vocal! Miracle (male) is more laid back and enjoys head scratches. They are practically identical kitties! Both are seniors.


Meet Charlie & Fudge


Fudge (male) is VERY protective of Charlie (female). Both are accepting of pets, but probably not a good pair for really young children. Bunny huggers LOVE them! Charlie is a senior and both are patient paws