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Meet Bijoux

All about Bijoux
Animal ID: 15827746

Bijoux is a 12 years, 2 months old female Siamese cat who weighs 4 pounds.

Age: 12 years
Weight: 4.7 kg

As an established lady, Bijoux knows what she's about. And that's receiving attention and affection, just on her terms. She's perfectly happy being curled up next to her person, but equally happy snoozing away in a warm sunbeam. That's why Bijoux is looking for a calm and relaxing home to live out the rest of her years knowing that she'll be safe, loved, and spoiled the way she deserves. Young children are too stressful for her, so her ideal family would be older and able to appreciate her just the way she is. Bijoux will be sure to make up for it, don't worry. Despite her older age, she's quite the character! Come say hello to the beautiful Bijoux by making an appointment today!
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