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Meet Gracey

All about Gracey
Animal ID: 2000048738

Gracey is a 9 years old female Domestic Shorthair/Mix cat.

Age: 9 years old
Sex: Female

Meet Gracey, the epitome of feline grace and charm! Initially bashful, this lovely cat quickly transforms into a purring delight with a gentle touch. Gracey longs for a patient and loving home that appreciates her shy-to-sweet transition. Once comfortable, she's an affectionate purr machine, eager for pets and cuddles. Gracey's curious nature yearns for exploration, and she's ready to unveil her playful side in a secure and caring environment. Are you the one to provide the love and understanding she needs to shine? Adopt Gracey and let her blossoming personality enchant your home as she discovers the wonders of the world, one purr at a time.
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