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Animal ID: 2000053982

Hunny is a 3 years old male Domestic Shorthair/Mix cat who weighs 5 pounds.

Meet Hunny, a timid but incredibly sweet cat in search of a patient and loving home. This gentle boy prefers the comfort of hiding spots as he settles in until he feels brave enough to explore. With a bit of kindness and a lot of patience, Hunny will show you his affectionate, goofy, and playful side! One of his favourite past times is chasing wand toys or rolling around at your feet asking for more pets. Hunny is also a social eater, which means he loves to have company while he enjoys his meals. Even though he's been getting braver here in the shelter, he'll need an adult-only home as loud noises and fast movements startle him. A truly special cat, Hunny will make every minute spent gaining his trust so worth it.
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