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Meet Dom DeLuise

All about Dom DeLuise
Animal ID: 2000056291

Dom DeLuise is a 2 years old male Domestic Shorthair/Mix cat who weighs 5 pounds.

Age: 2 years
Weight: 5.29 kg

What happens when you mix the voice of a generation with a handsome kitty? Well, you get Dom DeLuise of course! This sweet boy has had enough with life on the streets and is looking to find a home where he can be spoiled the way he deserves! When Dom isn't busy exploring, he'll be found either curled up next to his people or happily watching some cat TV at the nearest window. Best part is that Dom isn't super clingy; he loves his people, but he also likes his alone time, too. Be sure to give him a little space to settle in when you first take him home, and you'll be sure to have a friend for life!
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