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Animal ID: 2000058495

Pouch is a 4 years old female Siamese/Mix cat who weighs 4 pounds.

Meet Pouch, a delicate and timid 4-year-old female cat whose gentle spirit is seeking a patient and understanding home. This shy beauty, with her soft gray fur and soulful eyes, may initially retreat into the safety of her hiding spot, but beneath that reserved exterior lies a heart full of untapped affection. Pouch is in search of a tranquil environment where she can blossom at her own pace, surrounded by compassionate individuals willing to offer the quiet companionship she craves. With a bit of time and tender care, Pouch has the potential to transform into a devoted and loving companion. If you have a soft spot for the overlooked and a heart open to nurturing a shy soul, consider inviting Pouch into your home, and watch as trust and warmth gradually unfold in each tender moment you share.
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