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Animal ID: 50788342

Brownie is a 4 years, 1 month old female Domestic Shorthair cat who weighs 4 pounds.

Age: 4 years
Weight: 4.71 kg

Hello, I'm Brownie! I've had a pretty rough go in life and I'm looking for someone who can teach me what love truly is. I'm a very scared, shy cat who is always looking for a place to hide and protect myself. I will need lots of patience, time, and care before I'm able to show my true colours. I promise that the wait will be worth it though! I would do best with someone who already has cat experience and is confident in reading cat body language. I would also prefer if there were no little kids or other pets in the home as they would stress me out too much. I'm a work in progress, but with the right person, I know that I will flourish! If you're ready for a challenge, please come find me at CHS today.
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On Hold: No

Animal Details

Age: 4 years 1 months 4 days

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair