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Animal ID: 52379802

Charlie is a 8 years, 1 month old male Domestic Shorthair/Mix cat who weighs 5 pounds.

Are you looking for a snuggle buddy who will cuddle up with you under blankets? Do you like meaningful conversations filled with laughter? Then look no further! My name is Charlie and I am the purrfect fit for you! I like having small chats in the morning followed by a quick exercise and a looong nap. My favourite workouts are to chase my green mouse, run after catnip toys that you throw for me, and of course, playing with my kitty friends! This means that there's a chance that I would get along with any cats or dogs already in your home. I really enjoy snuggles, and if I nudge you, it might mean that I want to come under the covers with you! Don't worry if you need to get up during our snuggle session, though, just make sure you tuck me back in and I'll be the happiest boy. What do you say, future cuddle buddy? Are you ready for me?
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