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All about Icarus
Animal ID: 52398545

Icarus is a 6 years, 1 month old male Savannah/Mix cat who weighs 10 pounds.

Hello there, I'm Icarus, and I'm a big special boy! I can be a little uncertain in new situations, but once I feel safe, oh boy are you in for a treat! I am super affectionate, super cuddly, and there's so much for you to love! There's going to be so much rolling and maybe even belly rubs that you'll get with me! Speaking of which, I'm going to need a gradual weight-loss diet and some exercise, since I'm obese, and this much weight on a cat isn't healthy. I also need to be the only animal in the home, as other animals stress me out too much. But don't worry; I'll give you so much love and attention to make up for it! My litter box etiquette needs to be worked on, but there's different tips and tricks that the counsellors here can fill you in on to help prevent any house-soiling in the future. That's all from me, for now! I can't wait to meet you and charm my way into your heart (and hopefully home!).
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