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Meet Herschel

All about Herschel
Animal ID: 2000022756

Herschel is a 2 years old male Medium Mixed Breed who weighs 34 pounds.


** I'm a Patient Paw, so I am eligible for a sleepover and a reduced adoption fee - ask Adoptions for more details! **

Age: 2 years
Weight: 34.2 kg

A little bit about me:
- Potential for select dog in home, pending successful introduction
- Unknown history with cats/small animals
- Unknown history with children

Meet Herschel! This handsome is pup is ready to steal your heart and become your forever friend! While much of Herschel's past is unknown, it's clear that his future is full of promise. Herschel is a social boy who adores human companionship. His tail wags a mile a minute, and his eyes sparkle with curiosity and excitement. Whether it's playtime in the yard or cuddles on the couch, Herschel is up for anything as long as he's by your side. He may also enjoy sharing his home with other animals, as long as there is a proper introduction first! Walks with Herschel are a breeze, as he is well-mannered and experienced being on leash. If you're ready to open your home to Herschel, please book an adoption appointment today! He's eager to meet his forever family and start making wonderful memories together.
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