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Meet Yeti

All about Yeti
Animal ID: 2000025550

Yeti is a 3 months old male German Shepherd/Mix who weighs 11 pounds.


Meet Yeti, the enchanting white German Shepherd pup with a heart of gold! This little snowball is a bundle of joy, always ready for a playful romp or a cozy cuddle. Yeti's curiosity knows no bounds, and he's on a mission to explore the world, one tail-wagging adventure at a time. With a sweet disposition that can melt the iciest of hearts, Yeti is the perfect addition to any family. His social nature ensures he'll be the life of the party at doggy playdates. If you're seeking a furry friend who'll warm your soul and brighten your days, adopt Yeti today and let the love story begin!

Note that many dogs do not reach full size until they are about a year and a half old. The weight listed here is the dog's current weight.

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