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Meet Buzz

All about Buzz
Animal ID: 2000029560

Buzz is a 4 years old male Boxer/Mix who weighs 39 pounds.

Age: 3.5 years
Weight: 39 kg

A little bit about me:
- no cats or small animals
- older children recommended due to jumping and mouthing
- no other dogs in home or dog parks

The ultimate ball of energy, Buzz is ready to light up your life! This rambunctious dog adores people and craves the love and attention they bring. But Buzz is still mastering the art of polite greetings - he's just so excited to see you that he can hardly contain himself! With patient guidance, he'll quickly learn proper doggy manners. And luckily he is one smart cookie and eager to learn! Looking for an adventure buddy? Buzz is your guy! His boundless energy is perfect for outdoor escapades. He's a solo act, though, not a fan of other dogs or small animals, so he'll shine as your one and only furry companion. If you have older children who can understand his cues, Buzz will thrive in your family. He's ready to be your loyal sidekick, confidante, and best buddy. Don't keep him waiting - Buzz is eager to join your life's adventures!
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