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Meet Bear

All about Bear
Animal ID: 2000033904

Bear is a 3 years, 2 months old male Pomeranian/Mix who weighs 7 pounds.

Age: 3 years
Sex: Male
Weight: 7kg / 15.4lb

A little bit about me:
- cats / small animals unknown
- children, no thank you
- potential for select other dog pending successful D2D

Meet Bear, a delightful Pomeranian mix with a heart as fluffy as his fur! Bear may be a bit shy and nervous, especially in loud or crowded environments, but once you earn his trust, you'll discover a playful and loving companion. This pint-sized pup isn't a fan of children, as he values his personal space and boundaries.

Bear's idea of a perfect day involves frolicking in the snow and indulging in his love for chew toys, so be prepared to provide him with plenty of mental and physical enrichment. Grooming is a must for this little guy, so regular brushing and attention to his luxurious coat will keep him looking his best.

He's shown promise with crate training, responding well to positive reinforcement. Give Bear the safe space he craves, and watch as he blossoms into the loyal and charming companion he's meant to be. If you're ready to embrace Bear's quirks and offer him the love and understanding he deserves, he's ready to become your new best friend. Adopt Bear and make every day a paw-some adventure!
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