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All about BFG
Animal ID: 2000044887

BFG is a 2 years, 1 month old male Shepherd/Mix who weighs 31 pounds.

Age: 2 years old
Sex: Male
Weight: 31kg / 68.3lb

A little bit about me:
- cats / small animals unknown
- children unknown
- potential for select other dog in home pending successful dog-to-dog

Introducing BFG, the enigmatic German Shepherd mix who's ready to embark on a new adventure with you! Found as a stray, BFG's past remains a mystery, but his transformation at the shelter has been nothing short of remarkable.

When he first arrived, BFG was timid and reserved, but as he's settled in, he's revealed his true colors - a goofy, friendly spirit eager to explore the wonders of the world. That's why our dedicated dog walkers have lovingly nicknamed him the "Big Friendly Giant."

BFG's enthusiasm for life is infectious, but he's still learning his manners, particularly when it comes to walking on a leash. His eagerness sometimes leads to pulling, but with positive-reinforcement training and a bit of patience, he's sure to improve.

If you're seeking a loyal and adventure-ready companion, BFG is the one. Give him the chance to blossom in a loving home, and you'll be rewarded with a lifelong friend who's as big in heart as he is in spirit. Adopt BFG today and let the adventures begin!
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