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Meet Marla

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Animal ID: 2000058544

Marla is a 9 months old female Medium Mixed Breed who weighs 15 pounds.

I'm on hold for an adopter!

A little bit about me:
- cats / small animals unknown.
- children unknown. Gradual step-by-step introductions over multiple sessions highly recommended. All interactions supervised by adults.
- potential for select other dog in home pending successful dog-to-dog

Meet Marla, an adorable puppy with a heart full of love and playfulness! Found as a stray, Marla's past may be a mystery, but her charming personality is no secret. While initially timid, Marla quickly shed her reservations and revealed her true colors-a delightful mix of goofiness and playfulness.

This sweet girl is not just treat-motivated but also exuberantly embraces neck scritches with joy. With positive reinforcement, Marla is on the fast track to becoming a brave, outgoing companion. Welcoming a puppy into your home requires patience, consistent training, and socialization, and Marla is ready to learn and grow with you.

If you're prepared for the joys and adventures of puppyhood, Marla is the perfect addition to your family. Watch as she transforms from a timid puppy into a lively, goofy, and joyful member of your household. Adopt Marla and embark on a journey of love, laughter, and boundless puppy energy!

Note that many dogs do not reach full size until they are about a year and a half old. The weight listed here is the dog's current weight.

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