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Meet Maggie

All about Maggie
Animal ID: 2000058864

Maggie is a 7 years old female Golden Retriever/Mix who weighs 25 pounds.

Age: 7 years old
Sex: Female
Weight: 25kg / 55lb

A little bit about me:
- no cats or small animals due to high prey drive
- no young children, teenagers and older
- potential for select other dog in home pending successful dog-to-dog

Meet Maggie, the golden retriever with a heart as warm as her fur, eagerly awaiting her forever home. This affectionate girl has shared her space with another dog and appreciates her independence while still being friendly. Due to her high prey drive, Maggie is best suited to a home without cats or small animals.

In her previous home, Maggie earned a reputation as a bit of an escape artist, showcasing her eagerness to burn off that golden retriever energy. A well-fenced yard and ample physical exercise will keep her content and secure. Adopters can also enrich her life with interactive toys to keep that clever brain of hers happy too. And don't forget to maintain her beautiful coat through regular grooming sessions, a key aspect of golden retriever care!

Maggie responds well to positive reinforcement, blossoming under love and encouragement. While she may prefer a household without small children, teenagers and older family members who understand and respect her space will find an affectionate companion in Maggie. If you're ready for the golden glow of Maggie's companionship, offer her the care and understanding she deserves. Adopt Maggie and transform your home into a haven of love and joy!
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