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Meet Royce

All about Royce
Animal ID: 49787871

Royce is a 1 year, 7 months old male German Shepherd/Large Mixed Breed who weighs 36 pounds.

A little bit about me:
- small animals unknown
- dog-savvy cats okay, slow and proper introductions required and all interactions must be supervised by an adult
- potential for teenagers, history of rough play, hard pulling
- potential for select other dog in home pending successful dog-to-dog

Well howdy, I'm Royce, and I'm just an active, handsome fellow looking for a new place to call my own. Why wouldn't you want a dog like me? Energetic, friendly, and super smart, that's me! Life in the big city can be a little overwhelming for me and I could possibly be good for a rural household. But I'd love the ability to be able to stretch my legs, so a nice, big backyard to run around in would be amazing! But since I'm a bit of an escape artist, it has to be secure and I'll need supervision when I'm out there, at least until I learn some better recall. Speaking of which, because I'm such a smart boy, I'd love to have lots to do when I'm inside to keep me mentally stimulated. Puzzle feeders, snuffle mats, non-destructible toys, even a good training session to help me brush up on my skills and maybe learn some cool new tricks too! You should check out what CHS has to offer for training classes if you need help! And after I've burnt off that energy, it's time for some pets and cuddles. There's really nothing better. The ideal family for me would be one that is active but gentle, as I can get overly excited and forget my manners. It would also be best if there were no small kids, since I don't want to accidentally knock them over as I'm so strong. Teenagers would be okay though, as long as they know how to read my body language. I can be a bit mischievous at times, but that just means it will never be boring with me around! And once you come to meet me, the counsellors can tell you even more about my little quirks. So what do you say, partner? Are you ready to start some new adventures with me by your side?
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