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Meet Lucky Charms

All about Lucky Charms
Animal ID: 2000014358

Lucky Charms is a male Budgie/Budgerigar bird who weighs 31 pounds.

Ready to make their way into your heart and home, it's Lucky Charms! Since they were found as a stray, their history is a bit of a mystery and their still getting used to people. That's why Lucky Charms would love a patient and gentle family willing to go nice and slow with them. With the right amount of time and trust, they may one day sit on your finger and chat with you! Budgies need a large cage with plenty of toys and perches to keep them busy, and maybe even a budgie friend if they get lonely. Lucky Charms, like most budiges, need a lot of company to be at their happiest and healthiest! Make sure to do some research before deciding if a budgie is right for you; if you're still unsure, our counsellors will be more than happy to guide you! You won't believe your luck once you take Lucky Charms home!
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