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Meet Merryweather

All about Merryweather
Animal ID: 2000018999

Merryweather is a female Budgie/Budgerigar bird who weighs 36 pounds.

Age: Senior
Sex: Female

Hello, I'm Merryweather, a wise and wonderful senior budgie searching for a cozy retirement nest to call my own. With a lifetime of experience, I bring a gentle presence and a heart full of love to share.

My diet is simple: a mix of high-quality pellets, soft vegetables, and the occasional treat will keep me healthy and content. Though I may not fly as much as before, a well-furnished cage with perches at different heights will provide me comfort. A snuggly sleeping hut will be my safe haven.

Enrichment is essential for my golden years. I adore soft music and the soothing sound of a gentle voice. Offer me textured toys and comfortable spots for nap time. A warm, nurturing home is all I long for, where I can spend my days basking in your companionship.

Choose me, Merryweather, and together we can enjoy the sweet serenity of life's later chapters. Book your appointment and let's take flight on our next big adventure together!
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