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Meet Shelley

All about Shelley
Animal ID: 2000019028

Shelley is a female Budgie/Budgerigar bird who weighs 35 pounds.

I'M A PATIENT PAW! This means that I have been available for adoption for over 30 days, please ask about my reduced adoption fee!

Age: Adult
Sex: Female

Shelley's Sonnet: Nutritious feasts, a haven of comfort, endless play, and a kindred spirit to script the adventure

Greetings, I'm Shelley, a budgie with a poetic heart, ready to create a masterpiece of companionship with you! I bring a burst of colors to your life - a living canvas of blues and greens. I'll serenade you with cheerful melodies and endearing chirps. My diet calls for a mix of fresh veggies, wholesome pellets, and the occasional treat, nurturing my vibrant energy.

My cage should boast horizontal bars for playful flights and soft perches for contemplation. Enrichment is my passion! Imagine me exploring a world of toys, swings that mimic gentle breezes, and perches reminiscent of hidden alcoves.

Seeking a companion to share quiet moments and lively conversations - that's where you come in! Book your appointment and come on down to the shelter. Let's embark on a story of friendship and joy, crafting our own chapter of happiness.
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