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Meet Quincy

All about Quincy
Animal ID: 2000022104

Quincy is a 20 years, 1 month old female Amazon bird.

Age: 20 years old
Sex: female

Meet Quincy, your forever feathered friend!

At 20 years young, I, Quincy the Amazon parrot, bring two decades of wisdom and companionship to your life. With an impressive life expectancy of up to 50 years, I'm ready for countless adventures together.

My vibrant plumage and charming personality will light up your home. I'm hand-tame and have a knack for responding to cheerful whistles. In my previous home, I formed an unusual but heartwarming friendship with a cat. So, if you have feline companions, I'm open to making new pals!

To keep me happy and healthy, provide me with a spacious cage where I can spread my wings and time outside of it where I can fly free around your home. I enjoy a balanced diet of fresh fruits, leafy greens, pellets, and nuts. Don't forget daily mental workouts - puzzles, toys, and interactive playtime will keep my clever mind engaged.

Let's embark on a colorful journey of friendship and joy - book an appointment to adopt me, Quincy, and let's create wonderful memories together!

Please note, the adoption fee for Quincy is $1200.
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