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Meet Zigzag

All about Zigzag
Animal ID: 2000023598

Zigzag is a unknown Pigeon bird.

Racing his way over to become a part of the family, it's Zigzag! Pigeons like Zigzag are very affectionate and loyal pets and have been companion birds for thousands of years. His diet should consist of pigeon feed and veggies, along with a few juicy invertebrates as a treat. Pigeons don't like to perch on branches like some other birds, so Zigzag will need a big cage with raised platforms and flat perches so he can still check out what's going on. Some daily out-of-cage time in a bird-proofed home will ensure that Zigzag can still be social and feel like he's a part of the family! He'll really enjoy this free time where he gets to stretch his wings, watch the goings-on, and groom. You can always consider getting him used to wearing "pigeon pants" to prevent him from having accidents! Because pigeons are so social, Zigzag would love to have a human who could spend time with him for most of the day, or maybe even another pigeon friend for company. He's still a bit nervous, but with a patient person willing to put in the time and effort, he'll become your best friend! Pigeons are unique feathered friends and great companions! Make an appointment and give Zigzag a visit to see if he's the right companion for you!
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