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Meet Snoopy

All about Snoopy
Animal ID: 2000042111

Snoopy is a 10 months old female Rabbit rabbit.


Meet Oreo and Snoopy! This lovely mother-daughter pair are sweet, social and curious. Their foster parent tells us that they love to play, have excellent litter box skills and enjoy snuggling up on the couch. Oreo (the mostly white one) is a bit more confident than her daughter Snoopy, but both girls are very friendly and enjoy exploring. Oreo and Snoopy would likely be happiest in free roaming in your home or a bedroom, but could also do well in a large pen, provided they have lots of time outside it a well. This pair of sweethearts may be a great fit for first time rabbit owners. The shelter can help you with your research to make sure these sweeties are happy and healthy in their new home!
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