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Meet Cheeky

All about Cheeky
Animal ID: 2000052560

Cheeky is a female Hamster small&furry who weighs 95 pounds.

Age: Adult

Meet Cheeky, the delightful teddy bear hamster in search of a loving home! Cheeky is a tiny bundle of cuteness ready to bring joy to your life. Her diet consists of a balanced mix of hamster pellets, fresh veggies, and the occasional tasty fruit treat. Ensure her cage is a comfortable haven with plenty of space for burrowing and exploring.

To keep Cheeky entertained, provide her with a hamster wheel, tunnels, and chew toys. Regularly introduce new items for mental stimulation and make sure her bedding is soft and changed frequently. Find a quiet spot for her cage, as hamsters are nocturnal creatures.

With proper care and a caring environment, Cheeky is poised to become your adorable, pocket-sized companion. Adopt Cheeky and let the happiness of a teddy bear hamster brighten your days!
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