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Meet Demona

All about Demona
Animal ID: 2000057990

Demona is a 8 years, 1 month old female Lizard reptile who weighs 67 pounds.

Age: 8 years old
Sex: female
Species: Gargoyle Gecko

Meet Demona, the enchanting 8-year-old Gargoyle gecko searching for a cozy forever home! Demona is a unique companion with a gentle demeanor. To keep this lovely gecko happy and healthy, she requires a tank with vertical space for climbing, foliage for hiding, and a moist substrate for shedding.

Demona's diet consists of a variety of insects, fruit purees, and specialized gecko diet supplements. Ensure her enclosure maintains proper humidity levels for shedding success. Equip her tank with a heat source and UVB lighting to mimic her natural habitat.

For enrichment, provide Demona with climbing branches and secure hiding spots. She'll thrive with a consistent routine and a tranquil environment. If you're ready to embrace the enchantment of caring for Demona, offering her the right setup and nourishment, she'll reward you with her fascinating presence. Adopt Demona and add a touch of magic to your home!
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