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Meet Aretha Frankhen

All about Aretha Frankhen
Animal ID: 48362818

Aretha Frankhen is a female Finch bird who weighs 14 pounds.

Aretha Frankhen is available for viewing at the Calgary Humane Society! Interested adopters are welcome to self-schedule for an adoption appointment using our online calendar here: https://chsadoptionappointments.as.me/schedule.php

Hey there I'm Aretha Frankhen. Finches like me are extremely social birds and we need the company of our own species. We are much healthier and happier in a flock! Just think of how nice it would be to have your home filled with the beautiful soft calls of us cute little birds. When it comes to a cage, I would prefer something that is long rather than tall. This is because finches prefer to fly horizontally and hop from perch to perch. I would love to have a variety of perches to use and maybe even a swing. Please make sure you've done your research and have all the proper supplies before bringing me home - see you soon!
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