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Meet Queen Thorn

All about Queen Thorn
Animal ID: 50246131

Queen Thorn is a 6 months old female Rabbit rabbit.

Age: 6 months
Weight: 1.2kg (2.5lbs)

Hello, I'm Queen Thorn (you can call me QT for short)!. I'm looking for the perfect home to reign over - ha ha ha. I am a very friendly, very curious and exceptionally people-oriented bunny who just loves exploring and seeing everything going on. I race around a lot when I get excited and I am an expert at binkys. You wouldn't believe how fast I am! I like to do Bunny 500 laps every day. My youthful and exuberant energy and my love for adventure mean that I would do best in a home that could provide me with lots of room to roam. My foster parents said I'm an excellent candidate to be free-range, as a small area will crush my spirit! I'm always very happy to see my humans but most especially in the morning when I see you for the first time that day and then in the evening. In the afternoon, I sometimes snooze and I just love a comfy chair made of fabric. I also love to be petted and will come stretch out near you, so that you know it's time to pet me. To keep me safe in your home, I would suggest bunny proofing areas that I will have access to. This means tucking away cords and wires and blocking off areas where I'm not allowed. I'm still learning what I'm allowed to chew and what I'm not allowed, so please be patient with me. To help me with this, I would love if my future family could provide me plenty of chewable enrichment items to satisfy my need and keep me entertained. Items such as cardboard boxes, a tunnel, paper tubes, jingle balls, wooden chews and toys, baskets and other "rabbit friendly" things for me. I should mention that I have excellent litter habits and have been praised many times for this! I am so excited to start our life together, so please come soon! XOXO Queen Thorn
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On Hold: No

Animal Details

Age: 6 months

Sex: Female

Breed: Rabbit