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Animal ID: 50814951

Daisy is a unknown Duck bird.

Daisy is currently staying with a foster family, please contact the Adoption Department at adopt@calgaryhumane.ca if you wish to be added to the waitlist for this animal. We work on a first come first serve basis, and will set up meet and greets with interested adopters in the order we receive them. Our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible to update you on where we are in the meet and greet process of the animal you are interested in. Please do not book an appointment using the online calendar as that is reserved for animals available for adoption on-site, thank you!

Quack quack! Hi, I'm Daisy, and I'm a young duck who would love to come home with you! I'm rather shy with people, but I'd enjoy having some duck buddies to spend time with! With time and patience, I can learn to feel safe around you, too. I would also love lots of space to waddle around, and a big pond to swim in. First time duck owner? Please do plenty of research before adopting me! Please also remember that ducks aren't legal to own in Calgary and certain other municipalities, so you'll have to check your bylaws before you consider adopting me. Ready to add a new feathered friend to the family? Book an appointment to come meet me! Quack quack!

PS: I am on my avian influenza quarantine until September 2, so I'll need a safe separate place to live away from your other birds until then!
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On Hold: No

Animal Details

Age: unknown

Sex: Unknown

Breed: Duck