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Meet Murphy

All about Murphy
Animal ID: 51790856

Murphy is a female Mini-Lop/Mix rabbit.

Age: 6 months

The name's Murphy, and I'm a spunky little bun that's still getting used to having people as company. As such, a home with adults that can understand my body language would be the best fit for me, as I sometimes nip if I feel threatened or scared. Offering me lots of hides to feel secure would help me settle in and get comfortable at my pace. Bunnies like myself love to have lots of space to run around in and I don't belong in a cage for my whole life. This means setting up an area for me where I am able to stretch my legs that is bunny-proofed so I don't chew on things I shouldn't or ingest anything unsafe to eat. Speaking of chewing, I need lots of toys to keep me from getting bored. Things like cardboard boxes, wooden items, or any "bunny-safe" toys are the safest ways to keep me busy. I need access to hay 24/7, as I like to have lots of little meals. To round out my diet, please offer me fresh leafy greens and low sugar veggies, rabbit pellets, and fruit for special treats (only every now and then since you don't want me to develop a sweet tooth). If you're willing to take the time to gain my trust, you'll be gaining a friend that is sure to keep you entertained! So come and meet me today!
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Additional Information

On Hold: No

Animal Details

Age: unknown

Sex: Female

Breed: Mini-Lop