Shelter closure on Wednesday, February 8th for Staff Wellness day.
Shelter closure on Wednesday, February 8th for Staff Wellness day.

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Aspen is a 4 years old male Other Mammal small&furry who weighs 159 pounds.

Hi there, I'm Aspen and I'm looking for the perfect home! Sugar gliders, like me, have very specific and unique care requirements - so we need a family with experience or who has done plenty of research. Sugar gliders are colony animals and therefore we live best in pairs or family groups. Now, we are a nocturnal species - meaning we spend most of the day snoozing. Therefore, I'm looking for a family that will not be disturbed when I'm up and about at night, jumping around and playing in my cage. Speaking of cage, I would love to have LOTS of room to play! Ideally, 2ft wide by 2ft deep by 3ft high is the absolute minimum size cage for me. I may be small, but I need plenty of room to climb, jump and play! In my cage I will also need a wheel (that is safe for suggies), plenty of fleece pouches, hammocks, and vines to climb and snooze on, as well as lots of fun toys for me to play with. Please make sure all cage accessories are safe for sugar gliders as our little toes can easily get caught on things - remember we are a marsupial not a rodent! We are omnivores so we require a very special diet to stay healthy and happy - I suggest you do plenty of research and speak with your veterinarian. Generally speaking, we eat a mix of fruit, vegetables, yogurt, apple sauce mixed with some protein (like chicken or eggs). Some other fun facts about us - we are self-grooming and thus never need to be bathed, we can live for up to 15 years and we can move very fast! We also make all sorts of fun noises - like barking when we are happy and want your attention! So, if I sound like the ideal companion for you, and I know you already cannot resist my adorable face - then please book your appointment today!
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