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Meet Kent

All about Kent
Animal ID: 52565744

Kent is a 2 months old male Mouse small&furry who weighs 33 pounds.

I'M A PATIENT PAW! This means that I have been available for adoption for over 30 days, please ask about my reduced adoption fee!

Hello, my name is Kent! Are you looking for a sweet, easy-going pet that will keep you entertained for hours? Then I'm your guy! Mice like me are curious little beings who need plenty of things in their cage to keep them active and stimulated. I love to play with toys and run on my wheel. Mice are social creatures so you and I will become good friends. I can maybe even learn tricks if you give me a reward. Mice need a balanced diet of carbs, veggies and protein (you can pick me up some balanced mouse feed), but I also love treats like seeds, fruit, nuts and obviously cheese. Come and meet me soon!
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