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Meet Birdy

All about Birdy
Animal ID: 52595516

Birdy is a unknown Canary bird who weighs 24 pounds.

Hi! I'm Birdy! I am a friendly, joyful canary! Not too much is known about my history, so unfortunately my age and sex is unknown. I can tell you that I'm a sweet little bird, and would enjoy going to home where I can housed with other small birds, or with a human who has lots of time and attention for me. I'll need a larger flight cage that gives me room to stretch my wings, but with time, I may also enjoy some free flight time in a safe, controlled space. Enrichment such as different perches and toys, music, and the company of a human or other birds, will be important to keep my happy and healthy. Please make sure you've done your research on appropriate diet and care before bringing me home! Love, Birdy
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