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All about Bunbun
Animal ID: 2000001025

Bunbun is a female Rabbit rabbit.

I'M A PATIENT PAW! This means that I have been available for adoption for over 30 days, please ask about my reduced adoption fee!

Hi there, I'm Bunbun, a fluffy ball of joy hopping into your heart! ?? Looking for a forever home filled with love and maybe some veggies every now and agaon. My diet is simple: fresh hay, leafy greens, and a sprinkle of pellets. A comfy home with space to hop and stretch is perfect for me whether it's an x-pen or even letting me roam free (just make sure you block off any spicy hay which you humans call wires!). Don't forget cozy hideaways for my nap time! Enrichment is my jam, so toss me some chew toys, tunnels, and puzzle feeders to keep me entertained. I can be a bit nervous at first but with time and some patience, I'll soon be eating out of your hand and running circles around you when I see you. Let's share cuddles and create binky-filled memories together! Adopt me today and let the bun-tastic adventures begin!

My foster parent had this to say about me once I warmed up to her:
"She has really warmed up here and loves to have me pet her and come out to explore a bit. She is doing zoomies and binkies, parascoping, sprawling, and letting me pet her. She comes towards me and wants to come out to visit whenever I enter the room."

So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and I'll be your number one bun for sure!
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