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Puppy is a 1 year, 9 months old female Rabbit rabbit.

Puppy is available for viewing at the Calgary Humane Society! Interested adopters are welcome to self-schedule for an adoption appointment using our online calendar here: https://chsadoptionappointments.as.me/schedule.php

Hi there, I'm Puppy the bunny! I'm looking for the perfect home to call my own. I will love you and will play with you once I know that you are gentle and safe. I would prefer a quiet home as I am a little shy. However - I am curious about new things and I like to explore on my own terms. My youthful energy means that I would love a home that could provide me with lots of room to roam. To keep me safe in your home, I would suggest bunny proofing areas that I will have access to. This means tucking away cords and wires and blocking off areas where I'm not allowed. I'm still learning what I am and am not allowed to chew, so to help me with this, I would love if my future family could provide me plenty of chewable enrichment items to satisfy my need and keep me entertained. Items such as cardboard boxes and castles, paper tubes, jingle balls, wooden toys, baskets and other "rabbit friendly" toys are other great ideas. I would be happiest as your bun and only - I like people more than I like other rabbits. Can we just be best friends?

I am so excited to start our life together, so please come soon!
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