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All about Cadbury
Animal ID: 49691286

Cadbury is a 9 months old male Rabbit rabbit.

Hey, I'm Cadbury and I have the softest fur around - it feels almost like velvet! You won't want to stop petting me! To keep me safe in your home, I would suggest bunny proofing areas that I will have access to. This means tucking away cords and wires and blocking off areas where I'm not allowed. An x-pen is a great way to keep me safe AND give me lots of space for my enrichment toys like hay, hidey spots, toys, and food! I enjoy having free time outside of my enclosure - I love to hop around and explore and will show off my fantastic binky skills! Like any bun, I love to chew, so please make sure I have lots of things to chew on and keep myself entertained with! Items such as cardboard boxes and castles, paper tubes, jingle balls, wooden toys, baskets and other "rabbit friendly" toys are some great ideas. My shelter friends can help you with ideas for housing, supplies, and other things I may need or like! So, hurry up and adopt me already, I can't wait to join your family!
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On Hold: No

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Age: 9 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Rabbit